Rule Limits on Sensor Graphs

You can visualise your Rules against your data by turning the limits on in the Automated Monitoring Status Widget.

Simply go to the Automated Monitoring Status Widget


Choose which Sensor you want to view the data of by selecting it, then pick a rule from the menu (by default the top of the list will be pre-selected)


With a rule selected you can see the upper and lower limits (green lines) and when any Sensor Alerts have occurred by the icon on your data.

Please note: Contact sensors do not display the green lines.

The icon colour will change to reflect the alert status.

Green = Cleared

Amber = Acknowledged

Red = Unacknowledged


Use this information to better understand when alerts are being raised and help refine your rules.

You can find out more by hovering over an Alert Icon


You can also jump directly to the rule to edit it by selecting the cog icon beside the rule name


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