How do I add/edit, Users/Staff?

All staff alterations are undertaken in the Users tab.

Control Centre > Configuration Widget > Who > Users

If you have the appropriate permissions then you can create and edit the details of all staff members.
(Refer to ‘User Role Types and Based Access’)

User Role Types and Based Access

Checkit works with 4 roles types which are as follows:

Administrator: Location, Personnel and Hardware Management.
Administrators are responsible for setting up the business hierarchy (Where page) and managing any hardware associated with the account. They can also create users and generate reports.

The primary account holder is automatically an Administrator.

Safety Manager: Creates and maintains Work/Monitoring for the Locations to which they are assigned by Administration.
Safety Managers are responsible for setting up and managing the system (including Users) and any Alerts generated by it.

Supervisor: Responsible for the completion of Work management within their Team(s).
They have limited Control Centre access, with the majority of tasks being completed on the Memo.

Operator: Carries out tasks/checks assigned to their Team.
They have no Control Centre access and use only the Memo and Probe to complete checks.

Please note.

  • Only ‘Operatorscannot add/edit users.
  • You can only assign or edit Users to your own access level or below.
  • All new Users above ‘Operator’ level will need a valid e-mail account, not shared by any other User on the system.

To add a New User

Login to your Checkit cloud account using your own credentials:

From the home page: go to Configuration Widget >

Click on either ‘View/Edit’ buttons.

Select: Who > Users Tabs then click on + Add new user.

Enter the Users name in the assigned field.

If your access allows you can assign them to manager roles by putting a tick in the appropriate check box and then selecting which location/s they have responsibility for:

If there are many sites, start typing in the select location field and options will appear in the drop-down list. Select your site. (Note you can add more than one site.)

If it is required that a manager needs to use a handheld memo unit, then they also have to be assigned at least, to an operator in teams.

Teams would have already been created, so that they appear in the Team roles drop-down field when the appropriate check box is ticked.

If the new User has a Manager or Supervisor role you need to add a unique active e-mail account to the e-mail field. (This is their login to the Checkit Cloud account)

The new user will be automatically notified by e-mail on this address and provided with a link to setup, a personal password on the system.

Users requiring access to a memo unit do need to be setup with a PIN number and advised by you as to what it is.

When all of the above is satisfied, click on the green ‘Save’ button.

The system will confirm that the new user has been added and their name will appear in the left hand column. (Refresh your browser to check and click on the new users name to confirm details are correctly stored.)

If you need to edit or change assigned Roles or locations, just edit on this page, but remember to click the green ‘Save’ button, to update system.


All Team alterations can be completed in the Teams tab. 

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