Changing Memo name or location / Reset Installation

Yes you can - Once the new Location is set up in the Control Centre then you simply need to reset the installation on the Memo and follow the setup procedure for the new location. 

Moving the Automated Monitoring system is more involved.

Probes are paired with a Memo as and when required and will continue to do so at the new location.


How to Reset / Change a Memo Name?

Reset Installation should only be carried out once confirmed and approved by a Checkit Support Team or by the location Safety Manager or Administrator. 

In order to change a memo name or locations, we will need to perform this action (Reset Installation) and this can be carried out on the memo by clicking on 3 dots in the right out corner of your device.

See to the image below.  

Picture: Performing a Resetting Installation.

Once the user has confirmed to proceed with the reset installation, the memo will be resetted and will take you back to the First Users Journey. You will be asked to connect the memo to a network / WiFi.


Picture: First User Journey / Connecting Memo to Network / WiFi.


Once complete, log into your Control Centre account on the Memo with an Administrator credentials.


Picture: Logging into Memo (Administrator Access).

If you are unable to login into the memo, please check on the Control Centre that you assigned as an Administrator or check with your Supervisor if you do not have a log in credential access to the Cloud Control Centre.

You'll be presented with a list of the Locations you've setup in the Control Centre. Select the one you want your Memo to receive work for.


Picture: Selecting / Assigning the Memo to a location.

Once all of these steps are completed the system will prompt you to change the name of the handheld device (Memo). Please proceed with the steps below on how to changed the name of a Memo.


(There is no limit, but only 25 characters can be displayed without interruption.)

You'll be prompted to change the default name when first assigning the Memo to a location. Call it anything you'd like, but descriptive names are helpful e.g. Staff Canteen, Restaurant etc. You can later change the name by resetting the installation (must have appropriate permissions).


Finally give your Memo a name (by default this is the Memo's MAC address) Descriptive names are best.

To finish confirm the setup. You're all done!

Once this step has been completed, you will see all of the checklist created on the control centre being downloaded.



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