2.1. Setting Up An Operator User

Signing Up

All user needs to be created on the system before being able to use the memo or log in to the cloud control centre.

The following listed below are compulsory information that are needed from the user (Operators Only):

  1. User name
  2. Team for the user
  3. The Memo Pin (4 digits)

Picture 1: Setting Up New Users (Operators) 

The image above shows what an operator account looks like on the control centre. The memo pin will grant access to the handheld and allow operator users to carry out daily tasks.


Searching Operators On The Memo

The Memo (handheld device) enables users to search for their names from the operators list.

Simply select the magnifying glass and type in your name. Results will update in real time.

Once your name has been selected, the system will prompt you to enter the 4 digit memo pin and you will then be able to carry out the assigned work.

Picture 2: Searching for Users on Memo

Please note: If your memo pin is not working or have forgotten your pin, please notify your supervisor and they will be able to retrieve or re-create a new pin for you.




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