Safer Food Better Business (SFBB)

Here you can find the Checkit adapted version of the Safer Food Better Business document.

If you are using Checkit for food safety then you should have a documented HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) management system in place. 

For Checkit Solo customers (and others using our pre-built SFBB checks), this can be achieved using the SFBB document below. The document is pre-filled and applicable to most small catering businesses. Read through to ensure that it's applicable to your business then simply fill in the required sections on page 2 and 70, save a version and you're done.   

If you want to add your own information then edit the fields (marked with a light blue background) and save your changes.

Make sure staff know where it is, and can show it to an EHO or inspectors when they ask for it. 

If you already use SFBB, or have your own HACCP system, then the document can be a useful introduction into Checkit and how it helps you comply with the FSA.

We’ve also provided digital documents to allow you to record staff training and supplier records.  Please use these along side your Checkit solution.

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