Creating a Memo Pin (W.M Cloud)

Memo Pin is a password set on the control centre by supervisors for operators to access and carry out work on the memo (handheld device).

You should either be told your PIN by the person (Supervisor) that set it up, or if you set it up yourself you need to remember it like a password at this stage. You can check and change your own PIN anytime by visiting your User page in the Control Centre.

Simply navigate to the User's page (Configuration Widget > Select View / Edit > Who > Users > Select User > PIN) by selecting their name from the list.

One of the fields is 'PIN'. Edit this and save, to change the PIN and this must be 4 digits number.

If you have the appropriate permissions, you can view and alter the PINs of other users.

If you don't have Control Centre access then please speak with your Supervisor to enter the system and advise you of your PIN.


What happens if Operators/Supervisors forget their PIN?

Users that can access the Control Centre are Administrators, Safety Managers and Supervisors. They can all look at their own user page  and remind themselves of the PIN they set.

Certain users with appropriate permissions can view the PIN details of other users. For instance, Supervisors can view the PINs of Operators within their Teams.

Users without Control Centre access (Operators) will need to ask their Supervisor (or any User with access) to enter the Control Centre and look up their PIN



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