4.1. What is Automated Monitoring?

Checkit's Automated Monitoring removes the need for regular manual checks on critical control point. A wireless network of sensors provide continuous, consistent measurements of temperature, humidity and door status.

Automated Monitoring is the best way to ensure that applications are always functioning. In an effort to guarantee this kind of availability, application owners build or purchase monitoring tools that measure application response time every few minutes from around the globe.


  1. Hubs - The Hub is the heart of your sensor network, transmitting data from your sensors to the Control Centre. You can also log into it directly to view data from the last 24 hours. Useful if there is a external network failure (no internet).

    Picture 1: Hubs and the LED status

  2. Repeater (signal booster / extender) - Repeaters extend your network, helping the communication between your sensors and your Hub. Please do not unplug or move them, Checkit engineers will setup and place them as best suited to your network.

    Picture 2: Repeater
    Please note: to check if the repeater is connected, press the checkit magnetic tag on left side of the repeater.

  3. Sensors (Sealed / Sensor +) - Is a wireless network of sensors provide continuous, consistent measurements of temperature, humidity and door contact status. All Sensors are powered by Lithium batteries.

    Sealed Sensors
    are used to capture reliable, continuous and automated temperature measurements which are stored and recorded every 5 minutes.

    Picture 3: Sealed Sensor devicemceclip2.png

    Sensor+ are flexible, automated monitoring solutions and robust wireless technology that is used to capture real-time temperature readings.

Picture 4: Sensor+ Power Unit

 The Sensor+ power unit has wired sensor heads of the following types:

  1. Door Contact Sensor - Real-time read and transfer on door open and close status
  2. Humidity Sensor - This is used to capture air humidity temperature information.
  3. Air Temperature Sensor - This is used to capture air temperature in a cold room, ideally a freezer or walk-in units.
  4. Ultra Hot & Cold Liquid or Air - This sensor are designed to take temperature and work within any very hot or cold environment.


The Checkit tools are secure, reliable and safe.



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