How to navigate the dashboard

The Control Centre is based around a number of sections that control each component of your Checkit system.

They are as follows:

Alert Status - Get an overview of the status of all work and alerts within your business across all locations. Here you can acknowledge and clear Alerts.

Reports - Produce and Export reports of all Work, Alert and Sensor activity within you business.

Configuration - Set up your Work Management and Automated Monitoring activities here. This is the where you start if you're new to Checkit.

Automated Monitoring Status - If you have a sensor network, here is where you can view the real time readout and status of your sensors.

Work Management Devices - View a list of all Memos within your business, as well as details of each Memo.

Automated Monitoring Devices - View a list of all sensor hardware within your business, as well as details of each device. 



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