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What is Workflow Management?

Checkit Workflow Management actively prompts staff to perform checks and record measurements when and where they are required.The intuitive touchscreen interface makes checks fast and foolproof, with records instantly available for managers to view on any device.

Picture: Workflow Management Devices

The Image above shows us the Workflow Management devices: A Memo and Probe is used by an operator to carry out their daily task digitally.
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Please note: You can also use the quick quide link below to set up your account and the memo device which can be viewed online or downloaded. Please click on this link How To Set Up Memo

What is A Memo?

The Checkit Memo is a robust and digital touchscreen device that is robust, WiFi enabled and portable. This tool prompts and guides users through process steps and decisions to carry out their daily checks digitally.  

Picture: Memo


How To Set Up A Memo?

Setting up a memo for the first time, you will need to follow the steps below:

  • Ensure that you are assigned as an Administrator of the location on the system. Once this is confirmed, please proceed with the step up.

If the Memo is new it'll be supplied pre-charged. Turn it on by holding the lock button and follow the on-screen instructions to set your device up.

Picture: Turning the Memo on / Power Button.

If you're moving the Memo to a new location reset installation, the process is the same and simply proceed with the instructions below.

The first thing you'll be asked is to connect the Memo to Wi-Fi®. (This stepped is omitted if the Memo is already connected to a network.)


Picture: First User Journey / Connecting Memo to Network.

Once complete, log into your Control Centre account on the Memo with an Administrator credentials.


Picture: Logging into Memo (Administrator Access).

If you are unable to login into the memo, please check on the Control Centre that you assigned as an Administrator or check with your Supervisor if you do not have a log in credential access to the Cloud Control Centre.


Picture: Administrators Access Enabled

You'll be presented with a list of the Locations you've setup in the Control Centre. Select the one you want your Memo to receive work for.


Picture: Selecting / Assigning the Memo to a location.

Once all of these steps are completed the system will prompt you to change the name of the handheld device (Memo). Please proceed with the steps below on how to changed the name of a Memo.


How do I change the name of a Memo?

(There is no limit, but only 25 characters can be displayed without interruption.)

You'll be prompted to change the default name when first assigning the Memo to a location. Call it anything you'd like, but descriptive names are helpful e.g. Staff Canteen, Restaurant etc. You can later change the name by resetting the installation (must have appropriate permissions).

Finally give your Memo a name descriptive names are best.


Picture: Naming the Memo

To finish confirm the setup. You're all done!


Picture: Confirming The Memo Name.

Once this step has been completed, you will see all of the checklist created on the control centre being downloade. If there are work to be carried out then the memo will start to flash 'Work Due'

Picture: Memo Flashing 'Work Due!'

The above image shows how the memo will notify users of when work is due and operators will need to carry out the following listed below: 

  1. Tap on the memo screen.
  2. Log in using their memo pin.
  3. Follow the on screen instruction on how to carry out and complete work.




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