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Checkit provides a paperless, cloud based, food safety management system, that uses both an online app (Control Centre) and handheld device (Memo) to configure, carry out and report on the work businesses carry out. The records are stored the cloud.

Reports can be found in the Control Centre. This can be accessed from nearly any internet enabled device. Alternatively, customers can download reports from the cloud in a .csv document.

While Operators cannot access the Control Centre, Supervisors, Safety Managers and Administrators can.

The Checkit adpated SFBB document is designed to be completed digitally by the business and saved locally in PDF format. It is similar to the standard SFBB document for caterers issued by the Food Standards Agency.
Changes include; the Diary is now digitally completed on demand using the Memo in conjunction with the Closing Checks.

If you're completing an inspection then please note the following (this information is also available on the Memo).

  • Checkit Work Management is supported with a Primary Authority Partnership (PAP) through Cambridge City Council.
  • The Memo captures all check data and daily diary entries for the assigned location.
  • Data can only be created using Memo devices. Transferred data, stored in the Control Centre, cannot be adjusted by any user at any point following collection.
  • Data collected with the Memo is user/time/date stamped and transferred securely to the Checkit Control Centre using local Wi-Fi®.
  • Stored data can be viewed online in the Control Centre using any internet enabled PC or Tablet. Visit and the business can provide access to their reports. If internet access is unavailable, the PAP has agreed the secure information to be supplied subsequent to the inspection.
  • If local Wi-Fi is unavailable during inspection, then any internet connected Wi-Fi network can be used to upload captured data on the Memo to the Control Centre.
  • Please contact 01223 941450 if you require assistance from the Checkit Customer Support Team or a member of the Primary Authority Partnership.

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