Getting Started / Using Checkit Probe

What is a Checkit Probe?

Checkit Probe is a thermometer that has a pointy metal stem that can be inserted into food. A probe thermometer is used to check internal food temperatures when you cook, re-heat, cool, thaw, and keep foods hot or cold.

  • Pairing the Probe is done every time a checklist requires one. There is no initial pairing process between the devices, they sync as and when required.

  • For further assistance on how to set up or use a probe, please click here Probe Guide Set Up.pdf

Simply press the button on the Probe when prompted.

If your Probe is new, you'll need to initialise it by removing the battery isolation tab.

The Probes are waterproof with an IP67 protection code. This means they can be immersed in up to 1m of water for 30 minutes but are not protected against projected water.

The Checkit Probe works with the memo which is used to display the actual readings of the temperature. The memo is a digital handheld device and the probe connects via bluebooth with the memo.




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