How to configure / setup Alerts

There are 4 main types of configurable alert, they are as follows:

Check Alert: An Alert has been generated by a Check.

Overdue Check: Work has not been completed in the required time window.

Sensor Alert: A sensor has read outside its limits (Automated Monitoring customers only)

Service Alert: A sensor network device requires maintenance.


Each one is setup in a different part of the Control Centre.

Check Alerts are turned on in the What section of the Configuration widget. Once selected, the system will generate an Alert when the Check is completed for input types:
Free input
Confirm instruction

This is particularly useful if you want an Alert to be raised whenever a Follow-Up check is completed. Simple select the 'Raises an alert' button and save.

For Measure Temperature, an Alert is automatically generated if the accepted reading is outside of the specified range.

Overdue Check alerts are always on, and will be raised the moment 'Time to complete' is exceeded . Choosing when a check becomes overdue is defined on the When page as part of your Schedule. You can find out more about Overdue checks and how to set them up here.

A check becoming Overdue will always produce an Alert. Setting the time to be zero will produce an error in the Control Centre.

Sensor Alerts are generated when a Sensor takes a reading outside of its defined limits. You can setup these limits on the Rules page. Alerts are raised when both the allowable range and recovery time are exceeded.

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