Connect the Memo to Wi-Fi®

To connect a memo to WiFi, please follow the instruction listed below:

  1. Select the 'options' button and then 'Wi-Fi® settings'.
  2. The system will prompt you to Enter the Administrator Pin. (Supervisor or Checkit Engineer can assist with this pin).
  3. Select the desired network from the list. You may be prompted to enter the network password.
  4. Please ensure you know the password to the network you are connecting to. (In regards to the network and password, please speak with you IT technician for assistance if required).
  5. Once the password has been accepted by the system, immediately you should be able see the WiFi icon on the left hand side of memo toolbar.

You're done! The Memo will remember the network and auto-connect whenever it's available. You can connect the Memo to multiple networks, all of which it will remember.




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