How to manage and clear Alerts

Using the Alert Status widget you can navigate by Location or Team (when applicable) and view alerts. Locations or Teams with nested active Alerts are coloured red. While the specific Location or Team with alerts will display the alert type icons. Select these to view details.


Selecting an alert type will reveal the following screen. By selecting each alert you can 'Acknowledge' them (adding a note to the Alert) and finally 'Clear' them, removing the alert from the widget, along with any details you provided.


You can also change the alert type being view by using the drop down menu in the top left corner. Change the Location or Team being viewed by selecting 'Back to Locations/Teams'.

You can bulk manage alerts by using the 'Clear All' button. All alerts of the selected alert type and Location/Team will be cleared with a common 'Action taken'.
Use the Alert Type drop down menu and Team/Locations hierarchy to refine your selection.

All alerts, comments and actions taken are then compiled in your reports.


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