How to tell when device batteries are low

There will be a Low Battery Alert in the Control Centre when Sensor batteries become critically low.

In addition, Repeaters, Sealed Sensors and Sensor+ Power Units all have a Health LED light that will indicate the status of their batteries.  The Health light is only displayed on request, to save power. So to display the Health light, you will need to tap the corner of the unit with the Checkit Magnet, as shown in the Quick Start Guide

  • - Hold the magnet against the corner of the Unit for between 1 and 3 seconds.
  • - First the Health LED light shows the network status, followed by the battery status if it is low. 

Look for a Red flash...

  • If the Health LED does not flash Red, then the battery is ok.
  • A single Red flash indicates low battery.
  • A double Red flash indicates critically low battery.


What to do if you see a Red flash for low battery?

Sensor+ batteries can be changed by you - see Sensor+ Battery change.

Repeaters need to be plugged back in to the Mains.

Sealed Sensor batteries cannot be changed - the Sensor needs to be replaced - contact Customer Services.




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