How to replace Sensor+ batteries

The Sealed Sensor's battery and the Hub and Repeater's backup battery are not user-replaceable. Please contact customer services for assistance with those devices.


Sensor+ Battery Replacement

The Sensor+ unit has a user replaceable battery. When low please replace the battery like-for-like with a non-rechargeable EVE ER14505 AA Size 2600mAh Lithium Battery Cell 3.6V.  These may look like AA batteries but AA batteries should not be used.  They can be ordered from Amazon.

Use of other batteries may invalidate your warranty.


How to Replace the Battery

  1. Rotate the unit 45° anti-clockwise and pull to remove from wall mount.


  2. On the base of the unit will be a battery hatch remove this and the battery within

  3. Replace the battery like for like and return the hatch. (a non-rechargeable EVE ER14505 AA Size 2600mAh Lithium Battery Cell 3.6V).


  4. Return the unit to the wall mount by rotating the unit 45° clockwise until fully secured.


Please ensure all Sensor data has uploaded prior to battery removal!

Use the Automated Monitoring Status Widget in the Control Centre to see if the data shown there is up to date.

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