Is Checkit endorsed by EHOs as a paperless alternative to the Safer Food Better Business pack?

Yes – the solution has been designed in conjunction with our EHO partner through our Primary Authority Partnership and is endorsed as a suitable technology to replace the paper SFBB pack.

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CheckIt Limited has produced a cloud based electronic system which enables food businesses to undertake and record the systems, checks and records that relate to food hygiene within their business. A standard package has been produced which adapts the FSA produced Safer Food Better Business pack into a non-paper based form; the ‘SFBB package’. This package is subscription based and includes various options to facilitate oversight of the package, including a work management Memo pad from which records may be viewed. There is also the facility for multisite operations to have access to relevant records and information online. The package has been designed to specifically provide an equivalent (or greater) level of provision in terms of a permanent procedure based on the principles of HACCP as the FSA’s Safer Food Better Business pack.

Checkit Limited currently has a large number of clients using the SFBB package in food businesses such as restaurants, public houses and retailers.

In assessing the suitability of the Checkit SFBB package, the system itself has been reviewed in detail in addition to numerous visits to customer sites which are using the package in practice. It has also been directly compared against the FSA’s Safer Food Better Business in order to ensure that all aspects covered by the FSA’s system are incorporated within the Checkit SFBB package.

In addition to the Checkit system, there's also a Checkit adapted, digital version of SFBB available.

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