Accessing the Hub's Local Dashboard

You can use the Hub's dashboard to view and Acknowledge sensor alerts by logging directly into the Hub. Useful if you or your Hub can't access the Control Centre (i.e. during a power outage, loss of internet connection or Hub communication error). Remember the blue led indicates if your Hub has active alerts.

To login to the Hub and view the Dashboard you need to do the following:

1. Connect to the Hub via Wi-Fi

Hub and computer already connected to the same network? Skip to part 3.

On your machine, view local wireless connections and choose the one for the Hub you wish to access.

All Hubs display in the following format - 

CHK2 - HUB - 8000 - XXXX- XXXX- XXXX

The missing characters are the Hub's serial number (S/N) found on the back on the device.

2. Security

When connecting to the Wi-Fi you'll be prompted for a password/security key.

Enter 'chkrel2huband connect

3. Open your browser and navigate to the Hub Dashboard

Enter the following URL in the address bar or checkit.hub/

You can click the above links, or scan the QR code on the Hub (if present)

This will take you to the Hub login page.

4. Operators can access the hub by entering the following:

Username: operator

Password: The last 4 digits of the Hub serial number

Admin users can access the hub with their personal credentials.

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