Getting started with Operational Insights

What you'll need:

Download and install PowerBI Desktop from Microsoft here

Tip:You can learn more about PowerBI here

Download the Checkit Report .pbit file

Copy your authentication token (learn how to do this here)

Operational Insights in an Enterprise only feature. If you'd like more information about upgrading, or to check which plan you're on, please contact us.

Setting up:

Open the Checkit Report .pbit file (check your downloads folder)

When prompted, paste in your Authentication Token (authKey) and select Load


PowerBI will now start to pull down your data


Once the download is complete your report is ready!



You can learn more about how to use your report here

Refreshing your Data

New data is available every hour, but in order to see the latest data you'll need to refresh your report.

This is done by simply selecting refresh


Saving your Report

Once you have your data downloaded, you can save your report and the data will be cached with it. This means you can share your Report with others without them having to download the data.

It also allows you to upload/publish your Report to Power BI Service (the cloud version of PowerBI). You can learn how to do this here.

Renewing your Authentication Token

Your token will expire after 3 months (this is to help keep your data secure) and when this happens you'll need to generate a new one and update your report.



Once you have your new token you can update your existing one.

Tokens will expire; at the end of their lifetime (3 months), whenever you generate a new one or if the user that generated the token is deleted from the Checkit Control Centre.

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