The Checkit App for Existing and New Customers

Mobile-phone-APP-Screens-Staggered141656223.pngThe Checkit App enables AndroidTM mobile phones to be used to open and complete checklists created in the Checkit online portal – the Checkit Control Centre. Until recently this was only possible by using the App on a specialised device, the Checkit Memo. 

If your company is already using Checkit with the Checkit Memo, you can install the App on a mobile phone and access any checklists already assigned to you – just login to the App using the same credentials you use to access the Checkit Memo.

If you are new to Checkit you need to get a Checkit account and create checklists using the Checkit Control Centre (an internet portal) and then go onto install the app which enables you and others you have assigned,  to use the checklists you created. Refer to our website for more details about becoming a customer and to obtain a quotation.



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