Login to the Checkit App

To open the Checkit App on a phone on which is has already been installed:

  1. Select the Checkit App iconapp_icon.png
  2. Please Log in. A list of usernames is displayed – select your Checkit username
  3. Welcome. The page prompts you to enter the 4-digit security PIN number assigned to your Checkit username.

If you do not know the PIN number, please refer to your Checkit Supervisor or Administrator.  For details of finding a Checkit App PIN number, please refer to How Do I Find My Memo PIN. (The 'Memo PIN' is also the  'App PIN' - they are one and the same thing.)

The page lists any work assigned to you or outstanding: select accordingly. 


To access a list of the ‘unscheduled’ checklists available to you, select the Checklist option at the bottom-left of the page. Unscheduled checklists are checklists that are available but do not need to completed at any particular time.

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The Ellipse option provides access to further options: tap to open. This option remains available when you are logged in but the available options and their content differs is several ways when viewed before and after login. The options before login are: described below

Settings: enables you to adjust how the App presents on the phone/Checkit Memo and includes information about the App. Refer to App Settings for details.

About App: this page would typically be used only under direction from Checkit Customer Support. It provides technical details about the installed App (its version number, the handset model number etc.) and also options to download new versions of the App from the web (updates usually take place automatically but there may be situations in which Checkit Support want to initiate a fresh download to a device when troubleshooting problems with it).

For further details about the options on the page refer to The Checkit App home page

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