The Checkit App home page

The home page of the Checkit App contains the following fields.


Checkit checklists can be assigned to staff to complete at specific times or time periods. This section of the App home page list any Checklists assigned to the user that are overdue. Tap the name of a listed checklist to open it.

This section lists any Checklists assigned to the user that have been started but are not yet complete. Tap the name of a listed checklist to open it.

This section lists any Checklists assigned to the user that are now due to be completed. Tap the name of a listed checklist to open it.

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This section lists any Checklists assigned to the user that are due to be completed in the near future – helping staff to plan ahead a little. (You cannot open a checklist from this part of the page – wait until it is listed under the Due heading).

The icons in the far-left column of the page indicate the type of each of the checklists listed. For example:


Indicates a checklist which is scheduled to be completed at a certain time or in certain time-period


A checklist which may be associated with a particular location or object or that prompts you to scan a QR code. 


A checklist which is scheduled to be completed in an hour’s time.



The QR code icon in the bottom-right of the Home page ... 


will open a QR scanner on your phone/a Checkit Memo: once you have scanned a QR code Checkit will list any checklists your Checkit Administrators have associated with that QR code. Tap to open.


The Checklist icon provides access to all of the checklists assigned to you which are not scheduled to be competed at any particular time (‘Unscheduled Work’). Tap the icon to open the list.


The Logoff / Exit icon: tap to close the Checkit App.


The Ellipse option lists further options: tap to open. This option also appears on the Checkit App login page before you login, but the available options and their content differs is several ways when viewed before and after login. The options are described below.

Settings: enables you to adjust how the App presents on a phone and includes information about the App. Refer to App Settings for details.

Control Centre: this option provides access to reports about the status of checklists (complete, overdue etc.) and any alerts issued by Checkit (a checklist entry by a member of staff indicates that a freezer is failing, for example).  This option appears in the Ellipse menu when a user is logged into the App with Administrator or Safety Manager access: it does not appear when the app is being used by Supervisors or Operators. Note: this option does NOT provide access to the Checkit Control Centre, just two of the reports which are also available via the Control Centre when you log into it via a web browser.

Documents: provides access to any documents you have added to Checkit for reference by staff (company procedures or standards for example). You may have added the Health & Safety Guidelines for your organisation for example and refer to it in some of the Checklists you ask staff to complete. To load such documents to Checkit, please login to the Checkit Help Centre and raise a support ticket attaching the document you would like to have uploaded and, if your company uses Checkit across several locations, please specify the location to which it relates.

About App: describes the App and what it is used for so that anyone inspecting the phone can understand what Checkit is.

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