Notifications from the Checkit App

Screenshot_notifications.pngThe Checkit App uses the Notifications system on a phone and the Checkit Memo to alert the user when a checklist is due to be completed: a bell rings three times in quick succession accompanied by a message in the Notification area.

Tap on a notification to open Checkit and review the work due.

For example, if a Checkit Administrator creates a checklist and specifies it must be compete at 8.00 am every day (opening an office, for example) then users in the team to which the checklist is assigned will receive a notification on their mobile (if it has the Checkit App installed) or on the Checkit Memo.

Where there is less than 1 hour before a checklist should be completed, notifications are given every 10 minutes. They are given every hour when a checklist is due to be complete in the next 1 hour to 24 hours.  They are not given for work not due for at least 24 hours.

Notifications can be modified for the Checkit App in the same way as any other app on a mobile phone using the App Settings facilities on the phone. But they can also be modified via the Settings page in the App itself: refer to App Settings for details.

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