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Complete a Checklist with the Checkit App

Completing a checklist in the Checkit App using a mobile phone, is exactly the same as completing one using the Checkit Memo.  In both cases just tap each question to open it and follow the instructions on the checklist. 

When fields in a checklist require you to enter data, just
tap within the field and the keyboard on your screen will open automatically.


 Where you see the Probe icon you need a Checkit Probe to complete the check  (typically it is used to measures app_homepage_Probe_icon.pngfood/liquid temperature). The icon may also appear in Blue rather than Red as the Probes are colour coded. Pick up the Probe and press the button on the top to open communication between the App and the Probe – the temperature measurement is passed to the App. Refer to Using a Checkit Probe for more details.

Completed checklist fields are shaded in light grey to help you keep track of the fields you need to complete. Whether or not you can change an entry once made, depends on how the checklist has been specified by the Administrator. (For details refer to Creating Checklists ).

Attach a Photograph when Completing a Checklist
attachment_prompt_example.pngYou may be prompted by a checklist to attach a photograph as part of your
response. The attachment icon will be displayed where a photograph is required or optional. Where you see the attachment icon, tapping the icon enables you to attach,  and optionally annotate, a photograph (which you take using the phone/Checkit Memo you are using) .

For more details about this refer to Sound Notification And Pictures


Scan a Barcode or QR Code

You may be prompted by a checklist to scan a barcode as part of your  response.

And you may be asked by your Administrator/Supervisor to use the Checkit
App to scan a QR code associated with a room or object so that it can determine which checklist should be used. To scan a QR code, select the QR code icon in the bottom right of the App Home page. This will open the camera on the phone/Memo automatically so you can scan the barcode.
Once you have done so, just follow the instructions on the page – if Checkit recognises the QR code it will select and open the designated checklist(s) for your completion.

For more details refer to Checkpoints and QR Code Scanning

A video showing how to open and complete checklists is available on  Note that this is labelled as being about the Checkit Memo, but after the short introduction about how to switch on a Memo, all of the content is relevant to completion of checklists via the App on a phone too.

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