Reports Available using the App

You can report the status and details of the checklists you’ve assigned to teams using several reports provided by Checkit:

  • the Work Report detailing the status of work (checklists) assigned and its status (overdue, started, incomplete, compete etc.) a
  • the Alerts Report details alerts raised by Checkit (a checklist entry indicates that a freezer is failing, for example).

Both reports are available via the Checkit Control Centre. They are available to Checkit Administrators only, not to Operators or Supervisors.

To access reports via the App on a phone or Checkit Memo:

  1. login to the App (with Administrator level access)
  2. select the ellipse icon at the bottom-right of the page
  3. select Control Centre
  4. you will be prompted to re-enter your login password (for security)
  5. select the report you want (Work Report or Alerts Report).

In both cases you are presented with fields you can use to tailor the content of the report – the date range for example and the location. 

Note: this option on the App does NOT provide access to the Checkit Control Centre, just the two  reports which are also available via the Control Centre when you log into it via a web browser.

For details about the reports and how to use them refer to

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