Features of the Checkit App

The Checkit App supports the following features on Android based mobile phones:

  • Completion of checklists on Android-based mobile phones
  • A ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BOYD) approach to equipping staff and implementing Work Management to achieve quality and performance targets which can significantly reduce cost
  • Gives staff ‘pocket’ access to a list all of the checklists assigned to them and a dashboard highlighting checklists which are due to be completed now or soon, as well as checklists which are ‘overdue’ and incomplete checklists
  • Sound notifications. When checklist work is due or overdue, sound notifications decrease the likelihood that busy staff will miss a deadline, wherever they are.
  • Location and/or object recognition. Scan a bar/QR code with a phone and have any checklists defined as relevant to that code open automatically for completion. This enables you to associate a checklist of work specific to a room, area or piece of equipment. (Although the Memo also supports this feature, the greater portability and availability of mobile phones increases the range of use this feature can be put to.)
  • Request staff to take photographs as part of a checklist and upload the photographs with the checklist entries. This has many useful applications including health and safety inspections and quality checks, for example. Again, the Checkit Memo also provides this, but because it is less portable and typically shared between a team it may be less suitable for out-and-about work across larger sites/areas).
  • Wi-Fi communication used to send data and alerts between a phone and the Checkit Control Centre
  • Automatic wireless configuration and OS updates
  • User PIN authentication
  • Available in US or UK English or French.
  • Completed checklist data is automatically time and date stamped and transmitted of the cloud where it can be accessed both on its own and as part of a larger dataset.

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