If your company is new to Checkit you need to get a Checkit account and create checklists using the Checkit Control Centre (an internet portal) and only then go onto install the app which enables you, and others you assign,  to use the checklists you created. Refer to our website for more about a Checkit account.

To complete an installation of the Checkit App you must have a login to the Checkit Control Centre and that login must have Safety Manager or Administrator level access: those with logins which have Supervisor or Operator access cannot install the Checkit App but they can use it once it has been installed on their phone and the necessary PIN number given to them.  (Refer to User Roles & Permissions for more details).

Before you proceed with an installation make sure you know the 4-digit PIN number assigned to your login for use with Checkit Memos: this is known as your ‘Memo PIN’ but is also used with the Checkit App.  For details of finding your Memo PIN please refer to How Do I Find My Memo PIN.

Install the Checkit App as follows: app_icon_in_playstore.png

  1. Using the (Android) phone on which you want to install the Checkit App ...
  2. Open the GooglePlay website and search for ‘Checkit’
  3. Select the Checkit Work Management App from Checkit Ltd. A new page opens providing more details about the app and an option to install it
  4. Select Install
  5. Select Open
  6. Permissions: select OK
  7. You are presented with a series of requests to allow or deny the Checkit App to use the features of your phone (allow Checkit to make phone calls, take pictures, use your location and store data and documents). These are standard for most mobile apps. Allow all of these permissions so that the Checkit App can communicate from your phone and provide you with its full range of features.
  8. Language: you are prompted to select your preferred language (US or UK English or French)
  9. The Welcome page explains that you need a Checkit account in order to proceed. Select Continue
  10. Login using the same login credentials you use for the Checkit Control Centre – you must have either Safety Manager or Administrator level access (refer to User Roles & Permissions for more details).
  11. Location: if your company has identified several locations in which Checkit will be used, you will be asked to select the one at which you want the phone on which you are currently installing the Checkit App to be used. If your company use Checkit at one location only, the company name will be listed. Select the location and then Continue.
  12. Enter Device Name: give Checkit a name for the phone that it can use to refer to the phone in reports and messages. Usually a company will agree a standard way to do this so there is consistency across staff devices – using full name / job title / nickname etc. We suggest you also use information about location or job role as part of the name to make it easier to identify when considering reports and alerts – “GerryC-Kitchen” for example, or “GerryC-KitchenPorter”.
  13. Confirm Device Setup: The page echoes what you have entered to make sure it is correct. If not, select Cancel and change the name / location details you entered. If OK, select Confirm.
  14. The User Settings page displays the following settings:
    1. Date format
    2. Time format
    3. Time zone
    4. Temp

The values for each setting are initially set to be consistent with the language settings you selected – if you chose US for language for example, the Temp setting will be F (Fahrenheit) by default as that is the standard unit for temperature in the USA. To change any of these settings tap on the field and alternative options will be presented to you – tap to select an option. Select Continue when complete.

  1. Please Log in. Your username will be listed on the page – tap it to proceed
  2. Welcome. The page prompts you to enter the 4-digit Memo PIN number assigned to your login for use with Checkit Memos and the App. (For details of finding you Memo PIN please refer to How DO I Find My Memo PIN.)
  3. Your Work. This page lists any work assigned to you or outstanding. For details of the page and how its is used please refer to the Checkit App Home Page
  4. Installation of the Checkit App is complete.

Once installation of the Checkit App is complete, the phone on which it is installed can be used to access and complete checklists and will receive notifications about any upcoming and/or overdue work for the location specified during the installation.   

When someone opens the Checkit App on the phone, they will be prompted to select a user-name from a list and when they have selected a name they are prompted for a 4-digit security Memo PIN before they are presented with the checklists that are available to them and any alerts about work they should undertake. The list of users presented is determined by the allocation of work to the user/phone in the Checkit Control Centre: for details of allocating work to a member of staff on a phone, please refer to Assign Work to A Mobile Phone / Member of Staff

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