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Open A Checklist using the Checkit App

Each user can only list and open a checklist that has been assigned to their team. Your organisation may have many more checklists than a particular user can list. If you can’t find a checklist you expect to use, please refer to your Checkit Supervisor or Administrator in the first instance.

If you receive a Notification on a phone or a Checkit Memo about Checkit work due, just tap the Notification to open Checkit and review the work due. Otherwise, to open a checklist using the Checkit App:

  1. Open the App (tap on the App icon on your phone or switch you Checkit Memo on)
  2. Login

Once you are logged in, checklists can be listed and opened in one of three ways, as described below.

Due, Overdue and Incomplete ChecklistsMobile-phone-APP-Screens-Staggered141656223.png
The home page will list any checklists that you are due to complete under the heading Overdue and/or Due. Tap the name of a checklist  to open it. Checklists may also be listed under the Upcoming sub-head to help you plan  ahead: these cannot be opened from within the Upcoming area of the page because the time specified for their completion is still in the future  - once the Checklist is due to be completed it will appear under the Due heading where you can tap and open it.

Other 'Unscheduled' Checklists
Not all checklists are scheduled to be completed at a particular time/date. To  list and open all the checklists which are not scheduled to be completed on a particular day or time, select the Checklist icon in the bottom-left of the App home page. All of the checklists assigned to the team you are in are listed and can
be opened.

If the list is long you can use the Search field to search
for the list_of_checklists.pngchecklist you want.

Tap the name of a checklist to open it.



Location-Specific Checklists
Tap the QR code icon in the bottom-right corner of the App home page ...


and it will open the QR code scanner on your phone/the Memo.

Once you have scanned a QR code Checkit will list any checklists your Checkit Administrator has associated with that QR code. This feature is used to associate checklists with specific rooms/room types, areas and objects/equipment. 


The left column of the App Home page displays various icons to indicates the type of each of the checklists listed. For example:


Indicates a checklist which is scheduled to be completed at a certain time or in certain time-window


A checklist for which the data can be associated with a particular location or object: when you open a checklist with this icon displayed next to it, you will be prompted to scan a QR code so Checkit knows which location or object the checks will relate to and record that before you are presented with the checklist fields. Such locations (‘Checkpoints’) are defined by Checkit Administrators when creating Checklists in the Checkit Control Centre.


A checklist which is not scheduled to be completed at a particular time


The middle column indicates if a checklist requires a Checkit Probe in order to be completed. A Checkit Probe is a temperature monitoring device that measures temperature and sends the measurements digitally to Checkit/the App. The icon may also appear in Blue rather than Red as the Probes are colour coded. When prompted by the checklist, pick up the colour Probe indicated and press the button on the top. Refer to Using a Checkit Probe for more details.


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