Assign a Checklist to A Mobile Phone / Member of Staff

Once you have created a checklist in the Checkit Control Centre you have to assign it to staff teams before they are able to access it.

All Checkit users are created as members of a team (or teams). You assign checklists to teams. The Login page of the App/ the Checkit Memo automatically lists the names of all the members of any team you assign to a checklist that is associated with the same location identified to a phone / a Checkit Memo when the App was installed on it.

Additionally, to use the App or the Checkit Memo each Checkit user will require a security PIN number known as a “Memo PIN” which they are prompted to enter when using the App or the Checkit Memo – when they select their name on the login page. This PIN is entered as part of their user record: refer to Creating a Memo PIN for details. 

Only Safety Managers, Administrators and Supervisors can create, update and delete teams and users. Supervisors cannot create, amend or delete Safety Managers or Administrators.  The process of assigning checklists to teams in Checkit is known as ‘Work’. To open the Work page used to assign work to teams:

  1. Using your PC/laptop – not the App - login to the Checkit Control Centre
  2. Select Configuration, Work Management, View/Edit
  3. Select the Work tab

The page lists existing work assignments which you can edit.

To create a new assignment select Create New.


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