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Introduction: Document Management

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The control centre now provides a document library for your business, with documents also available on the Memo for easy access to SoPs etc. 

We now support Document Download to the Memo providing end users with policy and reference documents while they work.

Operator Experience: A new Menu option on the Memo allows access to the downloaded documents. Selecting a document title, opens the document in a PDF viewer, read-only.  Any changes to the documents are automatically applied, keeping the library up to date.

Configuration: Documents are linked to a Location, and are downloaded to all Memos attached to that Location, and all Locations below that one. So you can have company-wide documents, or specific local documents.  The PDF document format is supported.


    1. To find the document management function, navigate to the Control Centre ( and under configuration section you will see an option named Document Management.

    2. Clicking on button takes you to this new area. Click on Upload new document.

    3. New screen will appear prompting you to enter details of the document that you want to upload.

    4. Complete the required fields then click on the last box to choose file.

    5. Choose file to upload.

    6. Notification will appear to indicate successful upload.

    7. Newest Upload will appear highlighted at the top of the list

    8. Existing documents can then be Updated, Downloaded (Viewed) or deleted by clicking on the three dots on the right hand side.

    9. To assign a document to a location navigate to the Control Centre ( Select  Work Management click on the “Where” tab and first select a location from the lefthand side. Then locate the documents section on the righthand side and expand the section.
    10. Click on the Assign document button and a list of available documents will be presented, select the required document.

    11. The documents assigned to the selected location will appear with an unassign button alongside.

    12. To Unassign a document from a location simply select the Unassign button and the document will be removed from that location and the document title appears with a line across.
    13. To view documents on App click on the three dots and select the document item from the menu.
    14. To downoad docoument to the App click on the black arrow mceclip4.png

    15. Once the download is complete, the document will be available immediately.
    16. An example of the document being viewed on the Memo or App.

    17. You can zoom in or out on the document by double tapping the screen or using two fingers to pinch and unpinch the screen.











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