Memo Hygiene Practices

Key Points to Note

  1. Your Memo device is like any standard mobile device.
  2. The surrounding boot cover may be cleaned with sanitising products.
  3. Care must be taken if screen cleaning is necessary.
  4. Latex or Nitrile gloves may be worn with your Memo device.


Cleaning of Memo

  1. Clean your surrounding boot with a disinfectant solution, wipe or equivalent. 
  2. Take care if you must clean your screen, so that permanent damage does not occur.
    • Disinfectant wipes may be used.
    • Rubbing alcohol may be used (70% isopropyl) with a non-abrasive cloth, so you do not risk scratching the screen coating off--paper napkins will be too abrasive.
    • PhoneSoap may also be used. 

While these methods of cleaning may be effective for cleaning bacteria from device, they have not be tested against the Coronavirus, so the best preventative method will be the use of gloves.

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