Setting Up Business Practices For Coronavirus


During challenging times, you may forget that your Checkit platform may be used to assist in the management of your business in a methodical and consistent manner. Our aim is to provide guidance on how you may use your Checkit solution to match up to the various challenges as they pertain to global or country-wide epidemics.


Have You Considered the Following?

Your Checkit platform provides versatility to allow you to manage the various day-to-day challenges. In order to build the peace of mind within your workplace, please consider the following:

  1. Personnel Hygiene Checklists
  2. Business Hygiene Checklists
  3. Contingency Checks
  4. Staff Accountability Checklists

There are more checklists that you might be able to think about and create within your workplace. The key tasks involved are knowing what you need to do, if you already have a paper document that could be integrated into your digital platform, and if you have provided all of the correct alert structure within it. Outside of the checks, your team(s) will need to regularly visit the Control Centre to view the work being completed.

How To Create These Checklists

  1. Be clear on your purpose--create the business logic.
  2. Create an extensive list of tasks, but do not over complicate the tasks (employees should know what to do).
  3. Click here for additional guidance to refresh or get moving in the correct direction.
  4. If you require our support to help create these checks, please let us know at

Additional Feature Guidance

Photo Attachment

Use of this feature may assist employees with pointing out areas to address and make corrective actions.

Document Upload

Upload specific documentation which will provide your staff with explicit guidance on how to accomplish tasks.


Use this feature to create increased awareness and activity while a staff member performs checks.

  • Visit our helpful guide on how to implement this feature by clicking here.


In Closing

Please explore your product in order to understand its capabilities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us

We hope that you find this article helpful, and please feel free to leave us feedback if you feel it needs improving or expanding.


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