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Here you can find a series of videos to help you make the most of the Checkit system. You can either search the Help Centre and find the article and video you want, or use the list below to find what you're looking for.


Getting Started (Accessing Control Centre)

  • The Control Centre is a cloud service and is automatically updated. (supports latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer)
  • Checkit control centre can be accessed using an internet enabled PC or mobile device
  • Log in with your Control Centre credentials. (Make sure that you've received email from Checkit and completed the set up)
  • Use Forgot Password? to create a password reminder and an email link will be sent to you.
  • Once successfully logged in, you will see the dashboard and use 4 icons on top panel to navigate.
  • Tap Help icon (?) to switch on tool-tips to help and guide you through.
  • Tap Person icon to view and update your account information.
  • Tap Home icon to return you to the checkit homepage.
  • Tap Exit icon to sign out of the Control Centre.


Control Centre (Alert Status Widget)

  • The Alert Status widget allows you to view alerts in details, add notes and clear the alerts.
  • Alerts are sent from via email to all supervisors of the team or administrator of the location.
  • Alert Widget shows live status of alerts on your system under 4 different types.
    • Check Alert:  an alert generated by a check.
    • Overdue Alert: work has not been completed in time.
    • Sensor Alert: a sensor has read outside its perimeter limits. 
    • Service Alert: a sensor network device requires maintenance (only an Administrator user can manage these types of alerts).
  • Choose Teams to view their most recent alerts and always add notes in the action taken before acknowledging or clearing each alerts.
  • Red: alert is active
  • Amber: alert is acknowledged but not cleared.
  • Grey: The alert is cleared.


Control Centre (Reports Widget)

  • The Reports widget is where you can view reports for Work completed, Alerts generated by your business and Sensor temperature data.
  • Supervisor will receive email alert for check, overdue, sensor and service alerts.
  • A service alert can only be cleared by an Administrator on the system.
  • Work Report: allows to view all work completed on the handheld.
  • Alert Report: allows you to view all alerts generated by your business.
  • Monitoring Report: allows you to view all temperature readings captured by the sensor.
    • Sealed Sensor: reading captured every 5 minutes.
    • Sensor Plus (+): reading captured every 1 minute.
  • Monitoring Summary displays mean averages of all sensors.
  • Customized your report then select generate.
  • You can view one or multiple sensors on the graph
  • All Reports can be exported on your computer as a CSV file. Exported reports cannot exceed 125 pages.


Control Centre (Configuration Widget)

  • The Configuration widget allows you to configure teams and users
  • Work Management: setting up teams working on the Memo or App.
  • Automated Monitoring: setting up teams responsible for the sensors.
  • Team allows you to edit the name, view and assign users to team.
  • Users allows you to users details and their roles.
    • To add a user choose Add new user
    • Assign a team role
    • Memo pin 4 digit pin for operators
    • Email address supervisors will need an email address.
  • Supervisors are responsible for the teams work and alerts raised.
  • Operators have no control centre access but can log into the memo.


Control Centre (Automated Monitoring Status)

  • The Automated Monitoring Status Widget allows you to view real time output from all your sensors across the business.
  • Select a Location from the left panel to see an overview of all sensors.
  • Green: no alerts or sensor is online.
  • Amber: alert is acknowledged
  • Black: sensor is offline or miscomm alert.
  • Select the sensor for more information and expanded graph view.
  • The graph shows sensor readings over time and tap the box to close it.
  • Sensor rules can be accessed via the drop down menu on the right.
  • Select the alert types icon to jump to its entry on the Alert Status.
  • Tap Help icon (?) to switch on tool-tips guide for useful information.
  • For any help, please contact Checkit support team
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