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Here you can find a series of videos to help you make the most of the Checkit system. You can either search the Help Centre and find the article and video you want, or use the list below to find what you're looking for.

  1. Setting up your handheld device (Memo or App).
  2. Using Checkit handheld device.
  3. How to update the handheld device.

Getting Started (Setting Up Your Handheld Device)

  • Memo User - make sure you have atleast 30% battery charge before turning on the device then connect to Wi-fi.
  • Android App User - can start the application and set up immediately.
  • Login using your email address and password. (You need to be an Administrator on control centre)
  • Select Location and Name then confirm the device name. (i.e. Kitchen Memo or App)
  • Press Continue to complete local settings automatically.
  • Follow the on screen instruction.
  • Select your Name and enter your 4-digit memo pin to log into the memo (4-digit pin found on users detail (WHO) on control centre and if forgotten, speak with your Supervisor or Checkit support team).
  • Tap the 3 dots to access Checkit menu and other options.
    WHO: Supervisors can access this section by logging into the Control Centre Dashboard, under Configuration click Work Management View/Edit, WHO and Users.


Using Checkit Handheld Device

  • Always keep your memo in the dock, so it's always charged, ready and visible when work is due.
  • Log into the memo with a unique 4-digit memo pin. (If forgotten, ask your supervisor).
  • Memo or App will flash red and green when work is due.
  • Completing a Scheduled Work:
    • Select the required job and follow the on screen instructions
    • Once completed press 'I'm Done' when you are finished.
  • Completing Unscheduled Checks:
    • Will need to be accessed manually as they will not flash up on the memo.
    • To access the unscheduled list, select the list icon on the bottom left hand corner of the handheld screen.
    • Select the required job and press 'I'm Done' when you are finished.
  • If the screen shows No Work Assigned then notify your Supervisor or Manager.
  • Checkit Probe: A battery powered thermometer that allows you to transmit data into the memo via a bluetooth connection.
  • Always keep your probe in the dock, so it's always ready for use.
  • To pair the probe with the handheld, push the circular button and wait 5 seconds.
  • Insert the probe into item and allow a few seconds for the temperature to stabilise.
  • Press the circular button on the probe and the handheld screen will turn green or red. (always accept the readings and follow the on screen instruction).


How To Update Your Handheld Device

  • Select the 3 Dot icon in the bottom right hand corner to access checkit menu.
  • Tap WiFi settings to update network. (Contact Checkit support for 6 digit Administrator PIN)
  • Tap About App to access device details and upload or download work manually to/from the control centre. (log out as a user before updating)
  • Tap check for update for latest app version.
  • Under Communication Status, tap Icons to update.
    • Tick in Green: You are connected and everything is up to date.
    • Line in Amber: Nothing to upload or update.
    • Cross in Red: Device is not connected to the network or control centre.
    • Tap Download to receive any changes to the check-list, users or teams in the Checkit control centre.
  • About App and  Device Details has information that is or will be useful when talking to Checkit support team.
    • Checkit Version
    • Device Location Name
    • Android ID



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