1.1. Introduction To Checkit

What is Checkit?

Checkit is a real time operations management system which helps businesses eliminate the stress of paperwork.

Checkit transforms the way that routine work is performed and managed across widely dispersed businesses, delivering gains as follows:

  • Efficiency and costs – through automation of routine measurements, better process design and better support and training for your people. In short – do things more reliably, more quickly.

  • Risk – through better, more transparent and demonstrable compliance with early warning of areas of potential concern and alert driven management intervention, focusing attention where it is needed the most.

  • Revenue – From consistent service delivery and ratings.

Picture 1: Checkit devices (Sealed sensor, Memo and Probe)

How Does Checkit Help You?

Checkit ensures the efficient execution of routine activities, providing top to bottom visibility of work as it happens.

  • Guiding team members - Automates routine checks, Automatic reminders when jobs are due, Schedules and allocates jobs.

  • Helping Senior Stakeholders - Handle exceptions, Draws attention to issues for instant correction and Minimizing errors and waste.

The Basics

Checkit has different levels of users .

As a whole, a workspace is comprised of the following people and access points:

  1. Safety Managers - Overall access of the Cloud Control center (Super User).

  2. Administrators - Access to the Cloud Control Centre to C.R.U.D the locations, team and users.

  3. Supervisors - Access to team creations and alerts (On Cloud Control).

  4. Operators - Access to the tools (Memo and Probe).

*C.R.U.D = Create, Read, Update and Delete*

For front line staff, Checkit automates, guides and enforces their activities, improving efficiency and consistency. For supervisors it automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers it creates broad control and consistency, providing continual insights across the business.

For further understanding of Checkit please watch the video below to see how Checkit can help you and your business:



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