Quick Reference: Memo Checks and Procedures


Article contains specific guidance on how to operate the Memo device.

Key Highlights

Please note: After connecting your Memo, Overdue Alerts will fill your device. These may be cleared by an Admin of the location. If necessary, these may be cleared in bulk or singularly.



Login Expired

If your credentials expire then you'll be presented with the following screen and will need to get an Administrator to log in. Please note: Only users with administrator rights can action this.

Assigning Administrator rights can be done from the Control Centre using the following option Configuration>Who>Users.


Follow the on-screen instructions to input your new administrator credentials and setup the Memo.


 Memo Not Powering Up

To charge the memo, the device should be placed in the dock. The battery level will display a lightning bolt when on charge.

If the memo is not charging, please check the following:

MemoDock.png    Upside Down: Ensure the gold contacts at the base of the Memo are making contact with charging pins in the dock, as per picture shown above.

Total Discharge: If the Memo becomes completely discharged then it can take a few minutes of charge before the device will display a charge level or power on. Leave the Memo in the cradle for a while and then press the lock button to see if a charge level is displayed. The Memo should not be allowed to fully discharge.

Dirty Contacts: It's possible that the gold contacts on the base of the Memo can become dirty, stopping the device from charging. Gently wipe away any visible debris with a soft cloth. You can further clean the contacts with a cotton swab and some simple IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol). DO NOT use Acetone or abrasion as this can damage the contacts.


Memo Not Connecting to WiFi

To connect a memo to WiFi, please follow the instruction listed below:

  • Select the 'options' button and then 'Wi-Fi® settings'.
  • The system will prompt you to Enter the Administrator Pin.
  • Select the desired network from the list. You may be prompted to enter the network password. (If you don’t know your network and password, please speak with your IT technician for assistance if required).
  • Once the password has been accepted by the system, immediately you should be able see the WIFI icon on the left-hand side of memo toolbar.




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