Restarting Checkit In Your Business


Checkit understands that your business might have had to shut down rapidly and for a duration which has created uncertainty on how to get connected, manage your sensor rules and alarms and scheduling work within your Control Centre. Our goal is to provide specific guidance to assist the management of your Checkit solution and get your business running smoothly.

Before we get started, you might want to familiarise yourself with the articles within "Workflow Management" & "Automated Monitoring", and visit and bookmark Checkit's YouTube channel. The material is helpful for staff members which require instruction, and those that need a refresher.



Memo, Probe & Sensors

In this section, you will find article links to answer questions that you might have regarding your Checkit hardware devices.

Memo: Connection and Management

  • You or team member cannot log into Memo?
  • Your Memo not powering up?
  • Memo is not connected to WiFi?
  • Work not downloading to a Memo?
  • Need additional information on the operation and management of your Memo?

Probe: Connecting and Handling

  • Probe not pairing with Memo?
  • Probe not powering up?
  • Think your Probe might be faulty?
  • Need additional information on the usage and management of the probe?

Hub: Managing Connection

  • Your Hub been disconnected from power?
  • Your hub not connecting to your network?
  • All sensors showing as black?
  • Need general guidance on Hub management?

Sensors: Alerts, Connection & Battery

  • Your Sensor+ offline?
  • Your Sensor+ battery need replacement?
  • Sealed sensor showing as "Black" or "Red", with offline alert?
  • Received E-mail alerts regarding your sensor?



Control Centre Management

Whether a new user or just need a refresh, the below guidance links will provide valuable content so that you and colleagues are equipped to manage teams, team members, and the work to be carried out. It is important that you know what role is right for yourself and team members. Please familiarise yourself by clicking here.

Cannot Access Control Centre

  • Are you or a team member unable to log into your Control Centre?
  • Think you might have forgotten your password?

Managing Staff Members

  • Need to add or remove members from Checkit?
  • Need to assign, re-assign or move members to a team?
  • Need to temporarily block a member(s) within a team?
  • Need to edit staff member details, reset Memo PIN or permission level?

Scheduling Work

  • Need to re-enable work?
  • Need to edit checks to fit your business needs?
  • Need to create additional checklists and schedule them?

Managing Automated Monitoring Rules

  • Need to enable monitoring rules for your sensors?
  • New equipment which require sensors; need to relocate equipment? Contact Checkit.

Clearing Alerts

  • Have alerts piled up throughout your shutdow?
  • What will happen to the Memo if I have a lot of overdue alerts?
  • I am not familiar with the Alert Widget and Alert Types.

Receiving Alerts to Email

  • Why have I not received Checkit product alerts?
  •  Who receives alerts to their E-mail?



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