Quick Reference: Hub Connection and Management


During the hiatus you or the business might have decided to turn the network or power off, and this would have interrupted the network connection. This article contains specific guidance to manage your Hub connection in order to get you back online.

Key Highlights


Disconnected Power

The Checkit monitoring system indicates a Service Alert for Hub detailed below.


The Serial number is located below the cable connection ports:

The system reports that the Hub was last running on its internal battery backup supply. If the Hub is not fully powered, then you may experience intermittent loss of data from sensors.


We think this Hub is normally powered from the mains. 

  • Some Hubs are connected to Ethernet with POE - Power Over Ethernet - and do not need a separate power supply. If you believe this to be the case, normally indicated by just a computer network cable being connected, contact us for further instructions.


Please investigate and confirm that the Checkit Hub has its mains power adapter cable plugged in to the power port, and that the power unit is connected to a live power socket. You should see the LED lights light up when plugged back in.



If you are not sure the power supply socket is live, unplug the adaptor and connect another mains powered device and see if it works. If OK reconnect the Hub adaptor to the mains power.



  • If you have previously powered the hub off from the buttons, you will need to leave the hub unplugged for 20 minutes in order for the capacitor to drain, before the hub will power up. So in other words, if plugging in the mains doesn't work, unplug it and retry in 20 minutes.

  • It will take several hours for the Hub's internal battery to recharge, once achieved you can clear the ‘Service Alert’ for the device using widgets mentioned below.


If the Alarm LED is flashing blue, then you have an alert at one or more monitoring locations, Login in to your Cloud account to investigate which location.


On the Dashboard/Home page use either ‘Alert Status’ or ‘Automated Monitoring Status’ ‘View sensors’ widgets to investigate which sensor locations and take corrective actions.


If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us.


The following Hub LED status guide may assist with further diagnostics when contacting us:



Resetting Hub Connection


On the bottom side face you will see 2 buttons, I and II (one is recessed so you will need a pen to press.) 

To reset/reboot Hub, press and hold both buttons in until the LED's go out, release immediately this happens. (About 7 to 8 seconds)
Do not keep buttons held down once LED go out.

After a short period you will see LED start flashing on and off in different sequences, this is the Hub rebooting.
It can take up to 15 minutes to fully reboot at which point you should see that Mode, Cloud and Signal LED showing green.
This is the indication all is working correctly. 

If you see a blue LED on the bell alert, this is just indicating one or more sensors are above or below temperature.

The Cloud readings should update shortly after everything connects.

Refresh your browser to check image has updated.

If the LED show any other colours please get back to us.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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