Build Checks, Checklists and Checkpoints

Checklists can be completed by all levels of Checkit user – Operators, Supervisors, Administrators and Safety Managers – so long as the checklist is assigned to the Checkit team they are part of. However, checklists may only be created and modified by those with Administrator or Safety Manager access level to Checkit. And checklists must be created in the Checkit Control Centre using a PC or laptop: the pages used to create new checklists, modify and allocate them to teams, are not available via the App or Memo.

And you can upload documents including details of policies and procedures for your staff to use in conjunction with checks and checklists (you can create links between the two).

If you want to associate checks or checklists with a particular room or piece of equipment you can define checkpoints which when scanned are recognised by Checkit which can also open a designated check or checklist. The applications for this are wide – from ensuring cleaning staff do particular things in an operating theatre for example or ensuring infrequently used and potentially dangerous equipment is used in the correct manner, for example.  QR-Code-work-management-150x150.png 

For further details about creating checklist please refer to the following Help pages:

Note: Checkit Consultants can build checklists for you. This can suit organisations who do not have the time to build checklists which do require thought and good design to be most effective or organisations that already use a lot of paper-based checklists and want to outsource their conversion ‘in bulk’ to a digital format. For further details contact Checkit Customer Services

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