Ongoing Management

Once Automated monitoring is installed and configured the only routine management tasks required to ensure the system is functioning properly are to add and/or change users and their roles when staff join, leave or change team/location.  For details, refer to How Do I Add/Edit, Users/Staff?

If a sensor or network communication fails, an alert will be sent to the designated staff who can deal with the issue and if necessary contact Checkit support for assistance. When an item of equipment being monitored is operating abnormally an alert is sent to the designated staff to deal with and they are prompted to enter their response which is logged for reporting purposes. In both cases if the initial alert is not acknowledged / actioned, Checkit will escalate the alert to designated staff (by default the Safety Manager for the location involved).  

For most organisations, the most frequent interaction with Automated Monitoring is use of the reporting and query tools to maintain the organisation’s management reporting/audit requirements. For details about reporting and analysis tools refer to Reporting and Analysis.


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