System Components


App: the app enables access to and completion of checks and Checklists you define and also serves notifications about any checklists that are due to be complete so that once installed on a mobile phone the staff using it have ‘in the pocket’ work management support. For more details refer to The Checkit App.

Control Centre: the internet portal you use to create and manage checks and checklists, specify members of staff and the teams and allocate work to them (team A to complete checklist B every day at 9.00 for example) and to report activity and data – see how often scheduled checks are being missed for example or simply obtain documentation showing that checks have been completed, when, where and by whom, with what result, for audit purposes. For more details refer to Control Centre.

Memo (optional component): a custom-built mobile device with reinforced rubber body and water resistance for rugged work environment such as kitchens, building sites, manufacturing plants including situations where one device might be shared by different teams, shifts and team members. The Memo comes with the Checkit App pre-installed.  The Checkit App and the Checkit Memo have identical functionality (both use the App in fact) and differ only in device-specific ways – which sounds are available for notification, for example. For more details about the Memo refer to Getting Started / Setting Up a Memo.

Probe (optional component): a manual temperature probe used to measure temperature – typically of foods or liquids. Historically Work Management has been a very popular service in the catering industry where standards are enforced using checklists and a typical check will involve taking the temperature of stored or prepared foods. An operator can be prompted by the App/Memo to take a   temperature – the Probe transmits the temperature reading to the App/Memo: the data with the check is then stored in the cloud for reporting purposes. For more details refer to Getting Started / Using the Checkit Probe.

Note: Checkit also provide a range of automatic sensors that measure temperature, humidity and door open closed status and automatically transmit the measurement/status data to the Checkit Control Centre for access on the internet. They also raise alert notifications when measurement data falls outside of a pre-defined range. For more details refer to Automatic Monitoring on our website. Some organisations combine the two solutions – a checklist to ensure all checks are carried out for the daily closure of a restaurant might include a check to ensure there are no open alerts from the sensors installed in any of the fridge freezers and hence reduce the risk of compromised produce.

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