If your company is new to Checkit you need to get a Checkit account and create checks and/or checklists using the Checkit Control Centre (an internet portal) and only then go onto install the Checkit App or set up a Checkit Memo which enable you, and others you assign,  to use the checklists you created. Refer to our website for more about a Checkit account.

Then you:

  • (optionally) define checkpoints (when your team scan a checkpoint /bar code, Checkit knows which checks and checklists they need to carry out)
  • build checks and checklists
  • set up mobile phones with the Checkit App and/or setup Checkit Memos
  • (optionally) set up Checkit Probes if you want your staff to use them to measure and record food/liquid temperature (typically in food storage and preparation scenarios but also in others like laboratories and manufacturing)
  • assign checklists to teams / members of staff.
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