Set up Checkit Probes

The Probe is a handheld device with a fine tapered stainless-steel probe which you can insert into both hot and cold foods/beverages to take a temperature reading and record it automatically. The Probe connects with a Checkit Memo via a Bluetooth® connection to record measurements. The Probe has a push button interface with vibratory feedback – so when you turn it on it vibrates quickly to confirm its on. Probe-photo-1.jpg

When you create a check or checklist you have the option to select a temperature type check using a Checkit probe. When a member of staff uses the check/checklist concerned, they will be prompted to use the Checkit Probe to take a measurement and when this is done the Probe automatically  communicates with Checkit to complete the check by sending the temperature reading to the App/memo being used. The App/Memo instructs the user how to pair the Memo and Probe device and then take a temperature measurement.

For more details please refer to Pairing and Setting Up a Checkit Probe.

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