Ongoing Management

Once Work Management is installed and configured the routine management tasks for most organisations will be:

  • responding to alerts raised by Checkit (checklist overdue or incomplete, equipment operating outside of defined parameters). Alerts can be viewed in the Alert Status report but you are notified when an alert is raised through the notification system on your phone (when using the App or the Memo) and you are sent alerts by email too. This includes responding to alerts that have been escalated because the original alert has not been acknowledged or actioned.
  • use of the reporting and query tools to maintain the organisation’s management reporting/audit requirements of important work. For details about reporting and analysis tools refer to Reporting and Analysis.
  • adding new checks and checklists as more and more applications for recorded checklist functionality are identified. For further details refer to Build Checks and Checklists.
  • adding new checkpoints as more areas or equipment are acquired or found to benefit from the application of Checkit checks and checklists
  • adding and/or changing users and their roles when staff join, leave or change team/location. Note that if you are installing the Checkit App on staff mobile phones, you ought to have a procedure in place for when staff leave to ensure they can no longer interact with Checkit via the app and add data. For details about managing users, refer to How Do I Add/Edit, Users/Staff?

 Occasionally the App software will need to be updated on both the mobile phones and Checkit Memos on which you are using it. For details please refer to How To Update Your Handheld Device.

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