A range of sensors are available to monitor:

  • air and liquid temperature across a wide range from -80°C to +260°C, including securely cased/ sealed temperature sensors with a battery life of two years and ultra-hot and ultra-cold needle sensors for specialist operations (like laboratories).
  • humidity
  • door opening/closure.

For details refer to Senors and Sensor+ Data Sheets.

Because the readings from our sensors are transmitted to a secured central database , sensors can be placed in multiple locations and readings and reports are available via any internet-enabled device so long as you provide the required login details.

Automated monitoring is used in regulated industries such as health care, food manufacturing and catering where there is a legal requirement for organisations to keep a record of the checks they have made to ensure equipment like fridges are operating at temperatures required to ensure human safety. However, any business that wants to report/be alerted to refrigeration or temperature/humidity related equipment failure or door opening/closers, can use Automated Monitoring.

Detailed monitoring reports are provided in an online portal - the Control Centre. And data can be imported from Checkit to your own systems to combine with other operational data and create customised reports.

Automated Monitoring is currently available in English and French.



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