When there is a problem with a sensor or other Automated Monitoring device, Checkit will alert you in three ways:

  • an email alert is sent to the administrators in the team(s) associated with the location in which the problem has occurred
  • several reports in the Control Centre will be flagged with a red message icon which when opened, detail the problem
  • the Hub and sensor/device with the problem will activate their alert LED – it will flash blue until the problem is resolved.

The same methods are used when a sensor alert is raised to let you know that an item of equipment is performing outside of parameters you have specified in a Checkit rule  (refer to Configure Sensor Alerts for details of specifying rules).

In each case you need to login to the Control Center and open the Alert Status page. It enables you (that is, a user specified to Checkit as an Administrator, Supervisor or more senior role) to view all unresolved alerts by location or by team. Once you have read an alert and taken the appropriate action, you are prompted to record the issue/action taken and to Clear the alert. In most cases doing so will clear the alert from the Control Centre reports and the flashing LED will desist. For more details please refer to:

In some cases, a Hub, sensor or other device LED light will flash blue despite the Alert having been cleared in the Control Centre. Each device also has several other LEDs which are used to communicate different types of issue. For details about LED displays on Automated Monitoring devices, please refer to LED Displays. This may help you resolve the issue but if not please contact Checkit support.

If an alert is not acknowledged/actioned by the designated personnel Checkit will escalate the alert to the Safety Manager for the location with which the alert is concerned or to whoever you have specified should receive escalations . For more details refer to Escalation

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