v2.8 Checkit App Release Information

V2.8 Checkit App Release Jan 2020 contains the following new features


1. The Recent Work feature shows all scheduled/unscheduled work, as well as missed/incomplete work in a single chronological view. This gives the user a clear overview of whether work is being completed as required.

Recent Work can be accessed from ellipses menu, available in most screens.



  1. Section is read-only, with no potential for completing or changing work done or missed
  2. The view always shows all work visible to the user for the last 12 hours that is:
  • Complete
  • Incomplete
  • Late
  • Missed - i.e. expired and not started

            All of this for work that is:

  • Scheduled & Unscheduled
  • With or without Checkpoints
  • Including TDCs and FUCs
  • For single checks, checklists and nested checklists
  • For simple, optional, repeatable and optional-repeatable work
  1. Sort order will always be by time, in reverse chronological order
  2. Page will be populated on launch, and once loaded will not be refreshed unless user navigates away and back in

User can tap on entries from Recent Work Summary to expand pieces of work, and see all checks within, in Recent Work Details screen. Icons displayed depend on the type of work, according to the types listed in point 2 above.


2. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Single User Option

The intent behind this feature is to allow a BYOD user who is the only user of a device to skip having to log into the application every time they launch it, or after the application has timed out back to the login page.

This a purely app side option (the cloud is unaware) which can be enabled from the settings menu when the user is logged out. Once enabled, when a user next goes to login they will see a switch underneath the pin digit field, the feature will only function when a login is performed with the switch set to the ON position.

Once a user is logged in, the application will no longer timeout to the login page, and if the app is terminated then the user will be presented with the dashboard instead of login when they launch the app.

To revert back to the normal application behaviour, simply log out and navigate to the settings page and disable the switch.



3. French language

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