Date Check

We support a new Check type, Date Check, which is intended for a scenario such as accepting or rejecting product based on “use by dates

Operator Experience: The Operator is required to enter a date by picking from a calendar style screen.  The date will then either be accepted as OK or - if not - the user will be taken to a follow-up check. Additionally an alert can be triggered for failed date checks.

Configuration (“WHAT page”)  When the Date Check is set up, a “Critical date range” is selected, which is the range of responses which fail the test and which should trigger an alert / or a follow up check. 

The “Critical date range” could be as simple as yesterday, today, tomorrow, or can be defined as any period of time. Typical uses include reviewing

  • Stock expiry (expiry date tomorrow)
  • Safety equipment (Fire Extinguishers last checked more than 4 weeks ago, and requiring a monthly check).

In both examples, a triggered Follow-Up check would prompt the relevant required action.

Date Checks must be enabled by Checkit.  Please let us know if you wish to test this feature.




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