Using The Memo

Wake / Unlock The Memo

  1. To wake or unlock the memo, either tap the screen or press the lock button on the right hand side of the device.
  2. You will then be able to log into your account using your 4 digit Memo pin.

Picture 1: Waking / Unlocking The Memo

  • After unlocking the phone, operators will need to enter their 4 digit pin in order to gain access to the handheld device (Memo).
  • If you have forgotten your memo pin or not been given it yet, please speak with your Supervisor or Line manager.

Picture 2: Operators Memo Pin


Scheduled and Unscheduled Work

If work is ‘Due’ the screen will flash, stating which Team needs to complete the work
Tap the screen to wake the Memo or alternatively, tap the screen to unlock or wake it.

  • Scheduled work are checks that must be done within a specific time-frame. The memo WILL alerts when the job must be done by the team.

  • Opening
  • Closing daily
  • Cleaning check

Picture 3: Scheduled Work Prompts On Memo


  • Unscheduled Work are checks that can be done anytime the operators chooses and the memo DOES NOT alert when the job must be done by the team.
  • Please note: To carry out any unscheduled work, you will need to click on the tab  mceclip4.png located at the bottom right hand corner of the memo screen.

  • Cooking chilling check
  • Delivery check


Logging In

  1. Once the Memo is awake you'll be presented with a list of names.
  2. Select yours from the list and log in with your PIN.
  3. Your supervisor would have set you PIN up and can tell you what it is.

Picture 3:
Operator Users Logging Into The Memomceclip1.png

Starting Work

Once you’ve logged in, scheduled work will display as 'Due' on the home screen.

  1. You can start unscheduled work by selecting the unscheduled work buttonmceclip4.png
  2. Select the name of the Work to begin the task.
  3. Simply follow the on screen instructions to complete.
  4. If a checkit probe is required to take temperature, the memo will prompt you to do so.

Picture 4: Starting Work / Temperature Check

Non compliance
If you encounter a temperature reading that is out of range (and are happy the reading is accurate)
Then simply complete the check (Confirm). It’s possible that an automatic Alert will be generated (this is for the benefit of management users)
Or, you’ll be given a ‘Follow up Check’
This check starts automatically and can be anything from a simple instruction "Inform your supervisor" to asking you to answer some questions. 

Once complete you can start the next piece of Work, or you can return the Memo and Probe to their docks.




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