Sound notification and Pictures

Sound Notification

If you are using the Checkit App on a phone or the Checkit Memo, you will receive notification messages and sounds about Work Due. The sound notification is a bell that rings three times in quick succession. The notification message will appear in the Notification area of your phone/the Checkit Memo: just tap the Notification to open Checkit and review details of the work due.

You can turn the sound notification ON or OFF as follows.

Using the Checkit App on a phone:

  1. select the Ellipse menu breadcrums_icon.png at the bottom-right of the App page
  2. select Settings from the list of options presented                   
  3. select Other
  4. select Sound notification and tap to turn off or on.

Using the Checkit Memo:

  1. select the Ellipse breadcrums_icon.png menu at the bottom-right of the App page
  2. select About App from the list of options presented
  3. select Sound notification and tap the checkbox to turn on or off.


Camera / Pictures

It is now possible to add photos when carrying out checks.

This feature is available during all checks, bar when recording a temperature.

When completing a check, look out for the blue paper clip icon as shown on the picture below.


  • When the paper clip icon is pressed, it will give you the option to ‘Add photo’
  • The camera will then open allowing you to photograph the required area/equipment.

  • Take the photograph and give it a title. It is also possible to annotate the photograph at this point as shown on the image.


When the completed checklist has been sent to the control centre, any photographs will be visible within the associated report.

Click on the green photograph icon and it will open in a new tab of your web browser.




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